Drain Problems? Call the Experts!
Blakelsee & Son are the local area experts in residential drain repair and maintenance in the Grand Rapids community. We have the tools, knowledge and experience to fix any drain problem, anwhere in your home or outside drain piping, up to your septic system or City sewer connection.

Trained, Experienced Drain Team
Our drain maintenance team is specially trained and dedicated to solving drain issues and clearing drain blockages. We have years of experience with every kind of residential drain in our local area. There is no need to call anyone but Blakeslee & Son!

“SeeSnake” Lets Us See Down Your Drain!

Our new RIDGID® SeeSnake® micro™ Inspection Camera allows Blakeslee & Son to perform detailed visual inspection in hard to reach areas. Now, we can detect and diagnose the unreachable!

Just what is it that is causing a problem deep within your drain? Now with SeeSnake, we can dive in and take a first-hand look. SeeSnake’s innovative camera head and probing tools allow us to peer down to inspect the problem, and often clear it in the same operation.

If you have a stubborn drain problem, call Blakeslee & Son. We have the drain inspection tools and methods you need.