High-Efficiency Furnaces

The Blakeslee brand gas furnace line delivers warm, money-saving comfort throughout the year. Blakeslee & Son offers a wide variety of the Blakeslee variable and multi-speed furnaces to provide indoor comfort that only requires you to slowly turn up your thermostat rather than making a drastic change to achieve the desired temperature. These gas furnaces deliver maximum energy efficiency and savings along with the highest possible AFUE rating.


Mini-Split System

The Fujitsu Mini-Split Systems offer individual zoning options that allow you to only heat or cool the areas you are using as well as control environments where more or less air is needed. Fujitsu offers a wide variety of options from large ceiling units to compact and slim duct options as well as multi-zone designs to best accommodate your home or business.

Mini-split systems offer the perfect amount of cooling and heating using both indoor and outdoor units. Typically, it takes 2-8 indoor units that connect to an outdoor unit. The system also provides the benefit of a quiet operation because the loud equipment like the compressor and motor is housed in the outdoor unit.


SenSi Wi-Fi Thermostat

This convenient and efficient system works by connecting the Emerson Sensi thermostat to your home’s Wi-Fi network, which then enables communication through your electronic devices with a mobile app. Simply download the Sensi app and once connected you are in complete control of your home’s heating and cooling wherever you go. The ability to make adjustments while you are at home is just as convenient. If you wake up at night and need to adjust the temperature there’s no need to even get out of bed, do it from your phone.

To see more options for Wi-Fi Thermostats and prices, click here.



Heating with gas is always a cleaner affair when you select a Veissmann gas-condensing boiler. Using this system allows you to convert natural gas into heat, giving you convenient control that works works in harmony with your home. All the boilers Blakeslee & Son install and service also come designed with Viessmann solar technology that help meet the demand of all gas types, including mixtures of biogas.

We also carry Weil McClain boilers which offer energy-efficiency combined with the highest quality gas and oil-fired boilers for residential heating. We also offer Weil McClain’s gas-fired, oil-fired and combination oil/gas boilers for commercial use. Whether you need a unit for your home or a large commercial property, we can install and service your Weil McClain boiler.


Air Filters

At Blakeslee & Son we carry a wide variety of MERV rated air filters. These filters are the trusted rating system to keep your home’s air clean and healthy. Contact us to help you find the right filter for optimum performance of your HVAC equipment.


Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers

Blakeslee & Son carries all six of the GeneralAire Elite Series Humidifier options. These units help to improve comfort indoors as well as maintaining a healthy environment. We ensure your humidifier will create a comfortable environment that protects your furniture, plants, pets and of course your family. The Elite Series incorporates bypass and fan-powered humidification through their exclusive Vapor Pad technology.


Geothermal Heat Pumps

It’s never been easier to lower your monthly utility bills with Bosch’s line of geothermal heat pumps. It works by using the constant temperature from the earth to provide you with heat, air and hot water. Whether you are looking to conserve space, save energy or create a more consistent temperature in your home, we can assist with one of Bosch’s Geothermal units.


Air Conditioning

The Blakeslee brand offers great air conditioning systems at an affordable price. These systems help to keep your home cool while providing high-efficiency as well. Additionally, Blakeslee brand air conditioners offer excellent warranty protection. All Blakeslee brand air conditioners come reflecting the SEER ratings system, which helps you to achieve the most energy-efficient results in your home or business. Blakeslee & Son can install and service any of your Blakeslee cooling systems.

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