Top-Notch Heating Services

At Blakeslee & Son, we design and install home heating solutions that are tailored to West Michigan winters and your pocketbook. Our premier line of the high-efficiency heating systems will help you maximize your energy savings and enjoy years of worry-free performance.


Our exceptional home heating installation and replacement services will get your home back to its comfort zone quickly and with as minor an inconvenience to you as possible. We are available to service your heating equipment anytime, day or night. We work to finish the job as quickly as possible.


Heating Repairs Provided by Our Experts

The technicians at Blakeslee & Son are professional, knowledgeable, and eager to help solve your heating problems. We exceed your expectations. We are available EMERGENCY SERVICE to repair, install, or service your residential heating or air-conditioning system. We service furnaces to boilers to ducts and heat pumps.


Blakeslee & Son offers a wide variety of the Blakeslee variable and multispeed furnaces to provide indoor comfort that only requires you to slowly turn up your thermostat rather than making a drastic change to achieve the desired temperature. These gas furnaces deliver maximum energy efficiency and savings along with the highest possible AFUE rating.


Keeping your family comfortable is important to us, so we work to provide top-quality HVAC services. The Blakeslee brand gas furnace line delivers warm, money-saving comfort throughout the year.