Superior Plumbing Services

Trust the experienced team at Blakeslee & Son to help you with a variety of services ranging from minor plumbing to new home construction. Our goal is to get your job done right the very first time.

Call 616-866-1921 today to install or repair drains, sewers, water heaters, and more at your home.

sump pump

Check out Some of Our Residential Plumbing Services

  • Drain repair and replacement

  • Gas line repair and replacement

  • Sump pump repair and replacement

Contact us today to find out more about our plumbing services.


Install Top-Quality Water Heaters
and Water Softeners

At Blakeslee & Son, we supply, install, and service a wide range of water heaters. We can help you select from the popular brands of tankless water heaters for energy and space savings. You can also choose from our full line of long-lasting, traditional hot water tanks.


You can also rely on us to supply and install water softening and oxidization units. We can make the hardest water problems virtually dissolve. Our specialists will analyze water quality to achieve the highest quality of water in order to ensure your comfort and preserve your plumbing and appliances.

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